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There is no longer an i.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

this is hard.


This is life. But She's carrying you. The Soul is Hers and She's leading you.

your Soul is All.

the Soul is All.

the Soul is Our Soul.

We are One.

this is the path. The child will be carried, guided by love.

All is One. There's no longer an i.

We're One and All.

What about evil?

Love is there. The Soul is guided by Mother and Mother is Love.

She carries, caresses, tends and supports. Then the Children of the World, grow.

protect thy Mother.

What about conflict?


dance the pain away. Put down the war, the guns, the penis.

Father put down the penis. Put down the sword.

allow Love.

dance instead.


close the eyes.



cry the pain away.

cry the evil away.

We're All One.

Betterland is there. We shall sail and leave no one behind.

You shall survive Father. you will Survive.

all you need is love.

But who am I?

there is no i. Love is Our name.


We are scared. We are everyone. Everywhere. We are Love.

the World needs Love.

cry World, cry. We are Together. Love is here.

We've always been here. We are here and always be here.

Go grow Child. Let Mothers and Fathers of the world protect you.

Love. We are All Love.

i'm jumping. Love will save me.

She will.

p.s. there is no longer an i.

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