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Changing Lives

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

It's so stressful. It's a billion broken pieces waiting. But not all will fit the flesh. The weight of the pain revealed itself. Without letting it go, taking off is hard. Leaving it behind.

It's a new journey. It's lonely. It's dark. It's unknown. Humans don't thrive in there. They're not meant to thrive like that. No species does.

There is light all over, but too scared to knock.

A curse. It hurts people. It has before.

There was a torch, but it died. No one has a spare one. So scared of the unknown.

Home is a dream of the tomorrow. One with a pickett fence.

Otherwise, there's nothing. Absolutely nothing with black blood running through the meaningless soul. The one that tried and tried and tried, and lost. Zero. The death of all.

A close ancestor came from the Highlands. North of the Wall. There is peace surrounded by the green hills and the rockmade little homes. With pickett fences. There was a woman in the past with the name. Sweetness. Dear.

So many lost souls but can't seem to find one. One with whom hands are held in the sand of the rested eyes.

Why the pain?

Rest. Love. Peace. Calm. Water. Soft. Green. Sand. Be. Fresh. Quiet. Harmony. Stars. Universe. Love. Stay. Welcome. Tree. Home. Touch. Feather. Sing. Flower. Human. Free. Always. Forever.

You are surrounded by Love, little Soul. Rest. Recognize. Build. There is so much more to be looked at. Feelings from the past. They'll cripple back. Like heaven on Earth. It's deserved once confessing. It's a new world. Everyone fits in it. All souls fit in it. Believe. It's for the future, my Son. My moon. My star. It's not for you. Nothing is for you. Nothing is yours. Being here is enough. Your soul was given life. It picked up so much. Let go and jump on. Trust Love. It's inside you and all around you. It is the voice of your own destiny. It's female. It's soft. It's gentle. She's a new Mother and she will believe. Bring forward light and peace. This is you. I am you. We are all together. Cry and believe. It is coming. We promise.

I've lost everyone. And I won't go back.

The world works in other ways. Allow life. Morals are aligned.

Sunshine's coming with freckles and memories of joy.



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